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Personal Colour Consultation

colour-consultant-aucklandHave you ever looked at someone and thought ‘Wow, that colour really suits them’?
Trust us, at Truly Madly Style, we’ve learnt from experience the colour of your clothes can actually determine the outcome of a situation.

We believe you should treat colour as your secret weapon. Wearing the right colour for you creates an amazing first impression and can enhance your visual credibility in both your career and personal life. The right colours can make you look younger, healthier, slimmer and stronger. The wrong colours can make you look pale, tired and unwell.

A Truly Madly Colour consultation will reveal the best shades suited to your skin tone and show you how to coordinate them. You will also learn how to understand and use the seasonal palettes and to wear colour confidently.

A colour consultation is a great investment for life, teaching you to dress suitably every day. You will have the opportunity to purchase a colour fan with your own specific seasonal palette to make shopping easier and will be advised on how your colours can be worn for different looks from causal and social, to business attire. This can be done 1-on-1 or in a group and can be a great way to get the girls (or boys – or both!) together.

Truly Madly Colour also provides you with insight into the correct colours for makeup and accessories. You will gain knowledge on:

  • Correct colour for your skin tone
  • Correct glass frame colour for your skin tone
  • Correct metal for your skin
  • The best colours for accessories
  • How you should wear black (everyone is different – trust us!)

group-package-colours-and-cocktailsGroup Package “Colours and Cocktails”

  • Learn about the correct colours for your skin tone
  • With a group of women discover the colours that will give you confidence
  • Have fun finding out which of your friends or colleagues is in the same seasonal colour palette as you
  • A great excuse to have a few cocktails with friends
  • Gain new confidence

Truly Madly Colour/Style Refresher
Had your colours done a year or two ago? Need a refresher to learn new and exciting ways to use and wear those colours?

Every season colours change to suit the trends so with a refresher course you can learn what new colours will suit you, and how to combine them with the new current looks and trends. Feel free to bring in some of your recent purchases to see if you are still on the right track. Discuss any concerns you may have about your personal seasonal palette or the new fashion trends’ colour palettes.

Ranging  from 45 mins (1 on 1) to 3 hours for a group consultation. Feel free to call us to talk through your specific needs.

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For years I've wanted some colour guidance but have never known how to get it. Having Brianna come to the house to work with me made everything really easy. I now understand what to buy and what to ignore, and am enjoying the compliments that are  regularly coming my way! Thanks so much Brianna, the boost to my confidence has been amazing!  
Eila (63)