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denim-consultation-fashion-stylist-auckland-melbourneTruly Madly Style’s founder Brianna Wood is a self-confessed denim addict – which means we know everything there is to know about EVERY pair of jeans on the planet pretty much. Not to mention every body characteristic and butt shape going into them.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is all about fit, confidence, fashion, comfort and style. Truly Madly Style really CAN help you find the perfect pair of jeans for you.

These days, jeans are part of everyday society and the right fit can flatter and slim a woman or dress up a man. There are so many types and styles of jeans on the market and it can be both daunting and overwhelming to find the perfect pair.

Believe it or not there are even work appropriate denim jeans on the market so there is definitely something for everyone. Jeans are one of the hardest types of garment to buy and yet most of us own more than one pair. Why not have the expertise of someone who has worked in the denim industry for over 6 years to guide you and give you genuine feedback about what works for you and how big your butt looks from behind.  

As a product developer, designer and buyer of denim jeans Brianna has travelled all over the globe to find perfect jeans whether it is for fit or style.  She has access to brands and makes only available offshore and can ensure you get the most suitable pair of jeans for you on the planet.


Truly Madly Denim will give you the confidence to not only find the perfect jeans style wise for your body, but also the perfect fit.

Why not sign up for the Truly Madly Denim shopping experience?

  •     Learn about style
  •     The right fit for you
  •     Care of your jeans
  •     The perfect shade
  •     The right style for different occasions

After an initial consultation we will advise of all your options for the perfect jeans locally and offshore and take you shopping to try on the brands and styles that suit you best.

Package is approx 3 hours


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