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clothes-shopping-consultant-personal-shoppingHave a think about the last time you went shopping.

  • Did you come home with clothes you loved?
  • Do the clothes you bought fit you properly?
  • Do you dread going clothes shopping because nothing ever seems to fit or suit you?
  • Do you resist trying things on for fear of not looking the way you’d like?
  • Do you buy many new clothes but find yourself wearing the same old things you already had?

Imagine if you had your own personal shopper. Someone who understands your lifestyle, and what would suit you.

The Truly Madly Shopping package allows you to go shopping with purpose, purchasing key items to compliment what you already own, flatter your shape and work with your skin-tone and hair colour.
style-consultant-auckland-melbourne-personal-shoppingA Truly Madly Style consultant will accompany you, showing you where to shop, how to shop and how to ensure you get the best value for your shopping dollar. You’ll benefit from Truly Madly Style’s experience and know-how and discover new stores and brands you may have ignored or overlooked in the past.

Shopping will never again be a chore or a disappointing day out – you’ll find what you need in your lunch-hour and actually enjoy the process – trust us, it can happen!

Truly Madly Style offers a variety of locations for your shopping experience – from malls/ high street stores to specialised boutiques.

At a minimum of 2 hours the Truly Madly Shopping experience is $70 per hour (less than the cost of just one mistake purchase!).

After your first Truly Madly Shopping experience you have the ongoing option of personal shopping to suit your budget and style, delivered straight to you. Have a special occasion or want to add to your wardrobe? Let us do the work. It couldn’t be easier! Call us to discuss your needs.

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