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personal-style-travel-advice-consultancyWhether you’re travelling to Melbourne, London, Hong Kong, New York, Montreal, Sydney or LA, packing the perfect outfits can be difficult and time consuming. Having travelled the world for her profession, Brianna has a unique insight into what’s hot and what’s not on a global scale.

Allow Brianna and her team to organise and plan your ‘must haves’ for both fashion and comfort, so you can sit back, relax and truly enjoy your travels.

The Truly Madly Travel package offers you the ultimate in packing instruction, travel tips and even fashion stores at your destination, all tailored to suit you, your style and your budget.

Why not take advantage of professional style advice to ensure you get the absolute best out of your trip.  Starting with what and how to pack, we’ll ensure you have what you need for:

  • Travel to different cultures overseas
  • Weather at the destination
  • Type of travel whether it be personal or business
  • The one “WOW factor” outfit needed for your travel (you never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities might come your way!)
  • Ready for wear garments - less creases, comfortable to wear, stylish
  • Outfits that are easy to layer and work in many different combinations

In todays world we must look at things from an environmental perspective and how they will affect the planet. We should all be concerned about ways we can help the planet and travelling light also yields long-term benefits.  And of course, none of us want to have to pay for extra baggage allowance!

After a Truly Madly Travel consultation, including a look at your existing wardrobe and overview of your destination/s – a packing list will be supplied and a list of stores/boutique etc to suit your needs to make you travel ready.

1 hour initial consultation which can either take place in the comfort of your home or an alternative venue to discuss your trip and requirements followed by a 45 minute consultation ( this will take place at your home) where a travel pack will be supplied for your destination.  Take the worry and time out of your planning and let us do all the work.

The whole process is approx 1hr 45 min

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